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About techpulse

Bespoke software development

Techpulse is a bespoke software development agency with an edge.

We keep on top of technology so you don't have to. Here at techpulse, we are constantly evolving with the technology trends which means your software is always performant, and never outdated.

Cutting edge architecture

Rapid prototyping

Modern technologies

Future proof code

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Don't Worry !

We provide services for all stages of development

We provide a wide range of services to help you acheive your goals no matter what stage you are at.

Whether you need a full application, new features, architecture change or rapid prototyping, we deliver exactly what your business needs.

Rapid prototyping

Architecture design

Bottom up application development

Optimization and performance enhancement

mobile applications
agile development

Agile teams get the job done

Our global team have years of experience working efficiently in Agile environments which means you can rest assured knowing your project is always under control.

What's more, we are completely transparent, and you'll get full view of your project as it moves through the development life cycle.

Our Amazing Software

We love software and are passionate about it delivering the best solution to your business need.

Whether you need a Web application, cross platform desktop application, mobile app or business process services, we will build something that you will be proud to put your name on.

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Web applications

We go one step further and build all our web applications as slick PWAs which means your users can benefit from your web apps on any device.

Cross platform applications

Electron is our preferred cross platform framework, letting us create beautiful desktop apps that work flawlessly on any operating system. Some examples of beautiful Electron apps are Slack and Visual Studio Code

Mobile apps

Native feeling, high performance mobile applications is what we are all about.

Here at techpulse we like to be ahead of the curve, that's why all our mobile apps are built as slick PWAs.

Most people won't even be aware that you can get a PWA submitted to Google Play and Apple Store, but that's exactly what we do.

This allows us to develop an application once and have it ported EVERYWHERE. Use it on a desktop, laptop, mobile; install in from the Play Store, Apple Store. Even install it on your machine, directly from the Windows App store!

Cloud hosted applications

We've always beleived in "the cloud" here at techpulse, an we have tons of experience hosting all kinds of applications using various cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Heroku

Streamlined DevOps

We can build continuous deployment pipelines to ensure that once our work is done, you and your team can easily pick it up and have no issues running with it.

Database design

We can build out a fast, performant SQL Server database that will be the foundations for your application.

We can configure your database to be super fast, include maintenance and processing jobs and much more.

Why we're different from others

Software agencies are a dime a dozen, so it's important that you understand why techpulse is the right choice for you and your business.




Our Team Members

Meet the super skilled team that will develop your product and get your business to where it needs to be!

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Director & CTO
Robert Richard
App Developer
James Charles
Sales Designer
Robert Richard
App Developer

How it works

We make working with us easy and enjoyable. What's more, we have solid development lifecycle principles so you can be sure your final product is EXACTLY what your busines needs.

1. Get in touch

This is the first step in your journey to getting the best software you could imagine. Give us a call and we can have a general discussion about your requirements and expectations.

Start your project now!

2. Planning and gathering requirements

We work closely with you, discussing requirements, functionality and expectations from the delivered product. We will normally create an agreement for what constitutes your basic MVP which essentially becomes our first goal.

We will work together to create a work board which contains all of your deliverables with accptance criteria. We'll also set up a schedule for review sessions so you can see how your project is progressing.

3. Leave it to us

At this point things are fully in motion and we'll get straight to work.

For us this means refining the details of each work item and planning it into our development. Once that is done we get straight to work on making your product come to life.

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Frequently Asked Question

- How much does your service cost?

Price really is dependant on the project at hand. To give you some context, a simple single page product page like our site here will cost anywhere between £250 - £500. A simple web application such as Instagram; with authentication, user management and content management will be somewhere between £800 - £1500, dependent on features. Complex applications with lots of moving parts start from £1500.

- How do you keep me updated with progress?

We're completely transparent here at techpulse. Once we have a plan set, we create a work board to manage the project. You get complete visibility of that board at all times so you can see exactly how your product is progressing.

- How long will my software take to build?

This is entirely dependant on the size and complexity of the project. A deliverable date will be agreed between us when planning and refining your work.

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